Saturday, July 4, 2009

Change to Previous Working Directory in Powershell (cd -)

One of the cool features of linux bash is the ability to go to the previous working directory. In Bash, we can go to the previous working directory using "cd -" command.

Unfortunately, we do not have an equivalent of "cd -" in Powershell. So I just wrote a simple powershell cd function for this cool feature

Powershell CD function:

1function cd {
3 if ($args[0] -eq '-') {
4 $pwd=$OLDPWD;
5 } else {
6 $pwd=$args[0];
7 }
9 $tmp=pwd;
11 if ($pwd) {
12 Set-Location $pwd;
13 }
15 Set-Variable -Name OLDPWD -Value $tmp -Scope global;

Now lets see, how to install the above function in your powershell

Step 1: Remove Alias for cd

   cd is actually not a powershell cmdlet. It is an *alias* to Set-Location cmdlet. To install our new cd function, first we need to remove this alias

PS C:\Scripts> Get-Command cd

CommandType Name Definition
----------- ---- ----------
Alias cd Set-Location

PS C:\Scripts> Remove-Item Alias:cd
PS C:\Scripts>

Step 2: Install Powershell cd function

   We have removed the alias for cd. Now we can just go ahead and install our new powershell cd function which is very easy. Just paste the complete function in one line.

Powershell CD function in one line:

function cd { if ($args[0] -eq '-') { $pwd=$OLDPWD; } else { $pwd=$args[0]; } $tmp=pwd; if ($pwd) { Set-Location $pwd; } Set-Variable -Name OLDPWD -Value $tmp -Scope global; }

PS C:\Scripts> function cd { if ($args[0] -eq '-') { $pwd=$OLDPWD; } else { $pwd=$args[0]; } $tmp=pwd; if ($pwd) { Set-Location $pwd; } Set-Variable -Name OLDPWD -Value $tmp -Scope global; }
PS C:\Scripts>
PS C:\Scripts> Get-Item function:cd

CommandType Name Definition
----------- ---- ----------
Function cd if ($args[0] -eq '-') { $pwd=$OLDPWD; } else { ...

Ready to go, Lets see this cool feature in action

PS C:\Scripts> cd C:\Users\Jagadish\Desktop
PS C:\Users\Jagadish\Desktop> cd -
PS C:\Scripts> cd -
PS C:\Users\Jagadish\Desktop> cd ..\Documents
PS C:\Users\Jagadish\Documents> cd C:\Scripts
PS C:\Scripts> dir

Directory: C:\Scripts

Mode LastWriteTime Length Name
---- ------------- ------ ----
-a--- 6/6/2009 12:14 PM 279 test.ps1
-a--- 6/20/2009 8:27 PM 69 test1.ps1

PS C:\Scripts> cd -
PS C:\Users\Jagadish\Documents>

Hope you like it :)

Note: Powershell will not save any functions/aliases by default. So if you close your powershell and reopen it, this function will not be available. To make it permanent, it should be added in the Windows Powershell Profile file


  1. Great, except - how does one keep the cd alias deleted? When I delete it, the function works fine, but after closing the prompt instance, the alias is always back. How did you solve this? I suppose I could add the remove-item command to the profile, but that seems a little strange.

    1. Try naming the function something other than 'cd', like 'cddash' for example. Then include the function in your powershell profile and add the following line:

      set-alias -Name cd -value cddash -Option AllScope

  2. Well, yeah you are right. If you close and reopen the powershell, the alias is always back.

    Unfortunately, We don't have any other option except adding Remove-Item cmdlet to the profile file :(

  3. Good job, simple and elegant.

  4. Great job ! It is very simple and easy. Cd- is very simple command for changing previous working directory..

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  7. As a newbie who comes from UNIX to powershell I really love these kinds of clear, clean tips. This is great, Thanks !!

    One other way I found to save the function is to use the following
    1. Save function in a file. I called mine function_cd_previous.ps1
    2. Then run this on the commandline
    . ''
    Note the SPACE between the and the

    e.g. . 'c:\powershell\function_cd_previous.ps1'

    There may be issues doing it this way. I'm not sure. Just trying to add to the collective :)

  8. This is my version using pushd/popd:

    function cd-previous
    if ($args[0] -eq '-')
    pushd $args[0]

  9. I feel you look for something like Pop-Location ( and Push-Location (

  10. You can actually comment anonymously here.

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